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Priority Solutions International launches OnTheGo℠ suite of mobile and web apps

PDMA-compliant services that increase Representative and Practitioner convenience

SWEDESBORO, NEW JERSEY (September 19, 2016) Priority Solutions International has launched its OnTheGo suite of mobile and web applications, a PDMA-compliant suite of mobile/web apps that optimize sales representative productivity and enhance practitioner convenience and service. 

Available as downloadable mobile applications and via web portal access, OnTheGo provides Sales Representatives and Managers with enhanced capabilities for sample requests, AOC follow up, and sample allocation. 

OnTheGo SRF (Sample Request Form) – Enables capture and processing of a paperless sample request form, with touch screen support to capture practitioner’s signature.

OnTheGo AOC (Acknowledgement of Contents) – Enables closing AOC by capturing Health Care Practitioner (HCP) electronic signature, ensuring HCP compliance and continued receipt of samples

OnTheGo SAM (Sample Allocation Management) – Allows authorized individuals to capture and update allocations at all levels in the reporting hierarchy, while providing sales representatives with visibility to their personal inventory.

These solutions provide sales representatives with the resources they need to streamline the process of capturing new orders while, at the same time, helping their practitioner clients remain compliant. The OnTheGo Suite is an extension to Priority Solutions market-leading Direct to Representative and Direct to Practitioner pharmaceutical sample distribution services.